One Loft Results


2017/2018 One Loft and Futurity Race Results


2018 Money Winners


Motor City Classic (Detroit)

Midwest Convention (Fond Du Lac)

Omaha Grainbelt Classic

1st Drop 250 Mile Breeder Fall Classic



2017 Results


4th Place America's International Challenge 2nd average speed challenger long

8th Place America's International Challenge 300 Mile

1st Drop Southern Belle 175 Mile

1st Place Grainbelt Classic 361 Mile

1st Drop 150 Mile Redline 325

1st Drop 2 Birds 275 Mile Redline 325

12th Place Redline 325 Mile

23rd Place San Diego Holiday Cup 300 Mile

6th Place San Diego Holiday Cup Super Bird Race 363 Mile


2016 One Loft and Futurity Race Results

1st Drop Flying Aces 350 Mile

1st Drop Flying Aces 300 Mile

1st Drop Flying Aces 250 Mile

1st Drop Great American Classic and 3rd Ave. Speed

1st Drop, 1st in the hole California Late Hatch Classic

1st Drop Kansas Prairie Classic 300 Mile

3rd Grain Belt Classic 1st Red Bird

4th Grain Belt Classic 2nd Red Bird

5th and 50th Midwest Convention Race (Green Bay)

6th Land of Black Hawk Futurity

7th Kansas Prairie Classic 400 Mile and 6th avg. speed

6th California Late Hatch Classic 200 Miles

36th Grain Belt Classic

22nd Triple Crown Classic

Money Winner California Classic 300 Miles

Money Winner California Classic 350 Miles

Money Winner A.I.C. Final Race

Money Winner Rockford Bond Race

AU Convention Race California (not paid out yet)